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Odor Removal and Elimination

We have the treatments and the experience to clear the air

At ServiceMaster Restoration Services we know that odors stemming from fire and smoke damage, water damage and biological concerns can greatly reduce your ability to enjoy your property. Removal of severe odors requires a variety of professional products, systems and specialty equipment. Often, multiple treatments are necessary during the restoration process. We have the capabilities to remove a wide range of odors including protein, trauma and sewage-based odors, as well as fire, smoke and water odors.

Types of odors ServiceMaster Restoration Services has the equipment and technology to remove:

  1. Protein-based odors typically resulting from pet accidents
  2. Fire and smoke odors
  3. Sewage-based odors that occur when sewers back up, i.e. during a flood
  4. Trauma-based odors caused by bodies, blood and tissue

ServiceMaster Restoration Services is capable of removing odors through a variety of processes including:

  1. HEPA Air Scrubbers: utilizing the latest nanotechnology to remove airborne contaminants that cause odors, this technique often eliminates the necessity to use chemicals
  2. Fogging: neutralizes odors by penetrating wherever the odor has traveled
  3. Hydroxyl Generators: This is a safe alternative method for use around people, pets, plants, rubber, plastic, vinyl, textiles, electronics and other sensitive materials. This process uses a naturally occurring deodorizing vapor.

The odor removal process includes:

  1. Identifying the source of the odor
  2. Selecting the proper deodorizing process
  3. Cleaning of the affected area to remove any odor causing residue
  4. Final odor removal process

A green, eco-friendly way to eliminate odors using the Odorox Boss XL3 Hydroxyl machine

This machine is part of a new green technology and the industry’s most advanced solution for eliminating odors, purifying the air and decontaminating surfaces and contents. The patented technology creates hydroxyl radicals indoors just like outdoors. Hydroxyls are safe, naturally occurring molecules that are created in our atmosphere when the sun’s UV rays react with water vapor. They are the “detergent” of the atmosphere. They clean the earth’s atmosphere and can be used to kill bacteria, viruses, mold and eliminate malodors and pathogens without masking them. Odorox technology has been successfully implemented in a wide variety of applications including residential and office complexes, hotels, disaster restoration, sewage treatment plants, locker rooms, meat processing plants, healthcare facilitates and beverage production plants. The Boss XL3 has become the professional’s tool of choice for safely eliminating commercial grade odor, pathogens, and fungal species.

Odorox Boss L3 Hydroxyl machine

From fire, smoke and water damage to mold remediation, we are the experts in commercial and residential restoration.